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Phoenix LED Lighting are proud to be UK agents for Gemma Lighting LTD.

Gemma Lighting LTD was formed to create an innovative concept for everyday lighting requirements. Drawing on a vast experience of LED technology, our team at Gemma Lighting LTD continues to design, develop and manufacture a new generation of ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LED LIGHTING.


With manufacturing facilities in Portsmouth and Mansfield in the UK our products incorporate the very latest in power efficient LED technology. LEDs produce a targeted light via optical lenses and avoid the use of filaments that can burn out or fracture. Our lighting efficiently utilises mains power which helps to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY UP TO 75%. Our systems can even generate and store energy by using solar panels and solar power management systems which is an ideal solution to lighting issues where mains electricity is unavailable or not cost effective to install.


LED Lighting Manufacturers UK   LED Lighting Manufacturers UK


Our LED lighting solutions are efficient, robust, clear and HELP WITH ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. The white light emitted by LEDs is proven to help with visual perception making LED lighting an ideal option for use in areas of anti-social behaviour where CCTV is essential. The technology incorporated into LED lighting allows the light produced to be directed towards target areas thus dramatically REDUCING LIGHT POLLUTION typical of the orange haze associated with traditional lighting alongside residential roads and highways


LED Lighting Manufacturers UK  



Benefits of using LED Lighting:

More Power to light instead of
power to heat


Reduced power consumption by
up to 75%


No light pollution – direct coherent light source with a high contrast at low levels and zero light overspill


Pure Light – Excellent visual acuity. Ideal for CCTV covered areas


Long Life span > 10 years =
low maintenance cost on
bulb replacements


Impact resistant casing reduces the effects of vandalism


Proven technology in a cost
effective package


Useful to provide lighting where no main supply exists like walkways
and park areas


Cheaper installation with no mains installation costs when using solar powered solutions


Self contained units that require minimal maintenance


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